(Combo) Jade Roller and Elaimei Acne Pimple Patch - 24 Patches

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Jade Roller:
Add something extra-special to your skincare regime, give yourself a facial massage with a Jade Roller after applying your favorite serum. This smooth stone roller works to help your skin to soak up those precious nourishing oils. It also gently stimulates circulation and lymphatic drainage while boosting collagen for a plumper, firmer complexion.

Elaimei Acne Pimple Patch - 24 Patches
Experience pimple patches, a revolution in skincare and a game-changer for anyone suffering from acne:
- Helps pimples heal faster - Patch is made from a hydrophilic colloid, a wound-healing material that absorbs secretions from acne to help pimples heal faster
- Soothes inflammation - Patch reduces inflammation by extracting secretions. Tea tree oil and calendula oil soothe skin
- Keeps out bacteria and prevents reinfection - Patch creates a protective layer to keep dust and bacteria away from pustules, preventing further infection
- Is nearly invisible - Patch is clear and very thin (.3mm). Though designed for overnight wear, patches are almost invisible if worn during the day
- Resists water, yet is breathable** - Patch can be worn at the gym and in the rain without falling off

- Wash and dry the pimple area. The patch works best once the pimple has formed into a pustule with a visible white bump or once the pimple has been pierced
- Select a patch large enough to fully cover the pimple (each sheet includes 3 patch size options). Peel the patch from the sheet
- Apply the patch to the pimple area and press down for 3-5 seconds to improve adhesion
- Remove and replace the patch once it turns white -- an indication that the patch has absorbed fluids from the pimple. Patches should be left on overnight for at least 5 hours

Carboxymethyl Cellulose, Polyisoprene, Polyisobutylene, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil.

1 x sheet of 24 pimple patches including 3 patch sizes: 8 x 12mm diameter; 8 x 10mm diameter; 12 x 8mm diameter

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Fathima Paruk
Jade Roller + acne patches

The jade roller was excellent and I was quite happy since the price very reasonable and the quality amazing. However, the acne patches do not work. I was also happy with my necklace