Covid-19 Essential Combo

Covid-19 Essential Combo

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Classic Match Waterless Hand Sanitizer - 50ml

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Effective in the fight against the spread of Cholera, Ebola, and other touch transmitted diseases.

Identity Instant Sanitiser Area Fogger - 150ml

With just a push of a button, Identity Sanitizing Fogger will release a fine mist of disinfectant that will fill the space of your vehicle, home.

Identity Instant Sanitiser Spray - 150ml

Instant Sanitizer Spray. 99% Germ Protection. 70% Alcohol 

Infrared Thermometer - 2*AA Batteries (Not Included)

This product can perform accurate and stable temperature measurements. To ensure the accuracy of measurement and safety of use, please read the manual carefully before use.

(Pack of 2) Face Mask - Mask prints may vary

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