Oxygen 12l Applel Flavour

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Ultimate TM 02 Boost is for recreational use only! It is not an alternative for prescribed medical grade oxygen and can not be used in aid of any disease or complications.

whoever and wherever you are, extra oxygen in your life could give you the boost you need. Increase you oxygen levels to healthy, normal levels, with no side effects. 

Perfect for tuning in your focus and concentration. Increase your stamina for any work or sporting or events. Can be used even at high altitude as well ass aster a long and tiring flight to fight jet-lag.

Ultimate TM Boost 02 is produced under ultimate standards for product safety and manufacturing. 

- Alleviate stress

-Improves brain function

-Mood enhancer

-Hangover & Headache cure

Oxygen is extremely light, expect the bottle to feel very light.